Our Services

Big Data Engineering and IT Solutions

BDEITS provides data analysis, automation development, software development and installation, IT value added services (VAS) and cutting-edge research to business, industry, government and the academic world. We also offer full-cycle data analysis starting from data gathering and cleansing to profound modelling and suggestions on implementation. To make the results more accessible, BDEITS provides development of bespoke tools to be accessible from mobile, desktop or web environment, and continuous data analysis on the regular basis to keep you well informed and potent. Our major services that we offer:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • E-Office, e-Learning, e-Health, e-Library, e-Commerce, etc.
  • X-Integrated Systems (like School Management Integrated Systems, Financial
  • Management Integrated Systems) etc.
  • Fleet Management Services
  • Data analysis, data mining, data visualization, digitalization and research
  • Database management and data processing
  • Network Security, Technology Transfer and IT Value Added Services (VAS)
  • Import-Export Business Advisory Services, and Real Estate supporting services
  • Data Visualizations and Digital Advertising Services
  • Procurement of electronic and digital technologies

What We Do

We harness our expertise to provide data analysis, business advisory and ICT services and expert Hands-on training and workshops for government and NGOs. Data analysis, business intelligence, automation (software) development, research and ICT services are what we do for a living. Our consultants have the experience in offering a wide spectrum of analytical and technical services in data analysis, data visualization, business analysis, financial risk management and ICT solutions.